Frequently Asked Questions:

 Is night vision available to civilians?

Answer: Absolutely! Our largest customer base for night vision is civilians!

Why is night vision so expensive?

Answer: It is so expensive because the Federal Government has poured billions of dollars into the development and advancement of Night Vision technology so the price reflects that.

Why are some products restricted to Military and Law Enforcement only?

Answer: The only products that we sell that are restricted are full power lasers. While we firmly believe civilians should be able to own the same equipment as the military, the FDA restricts the sale of these items due to their potential to cause major eye damage if shown at someone's face.

What is our warranty policy? 

Answer: All over our products are covered by the manufactures warranty. 

Why can't I place an order when I live outside of the US?

Answer: An overwhelming majority of our Products fall within ITAR restrictions so it is easier to not allow any shipments outside of the US.

When will my order ship?

Answer: We strive to get all orders shipped the same business day, if this ever were to change we will make sure you are aware.

Why is shipping so expensive?

Answer: Due to the distrust we have for all carriers, we ship EVERY item fully insured.