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Introducing the ARK-K from ET Gear Co. – the ultimate low visibility bag designed to meet the demands of modern-day operators and safety-minded individuals. Built with the highest standards of quality and innovation, this bag is the perfect companion for any mission or adventure. With a focus on functionality and versatility, the ARK-K boasts a range of cutting-edge features to ensure you are always prepared for whatever comes your way.

At the heart of its ingenuity lies our innovative Tegris panel, a game-changer in modularity. Our Tegris panel is equipped to accommodate Molle, BladeTech direct mounting, and shock cord, via our UFO MOLLE pattern. The bag's front and rear are fully padded, providing optimal protection for your gear and equipment during rugged use.

The ARK-K seamlessly transitions from a standard two-strap backpack to a single-strap sling bag, offering convenient carry options that cater to your preference and movement. Safety and preparedness are paramount, which is why the bag includes a dedicated armor pocket for armor plates that will be made available at a later date.

We understand the significance of discreet firearm carry, which is why the ARK-K has the ability to incorporate a weapons veil (sold separately). This unique feature allows you to access the contents of the bag without revealing said weapon to onlookers, ensuring security, usability, and peace of mind.

Crafted from durable materials and backed by ET Gear Co.'s commitment to quality, the Low Vis K Bag is built to withstand the most demanding environments and ensure your gear remains safe, secure, and readily accessible. Whether you're an elite operator, a passionate outdoor enthusiast, or a prepared citizen, the ARK-K is the ultimate companion to keep you equipped, organized, and always ready for what lies ahead.



In the constantly evolving landscape of modern warfare, the imperative for adaptability and discretion looms large. The ARK-K, a meticulously designed backpack for low visibility applications, emerges as a paragon of innovation, offering an unparalleled array of capabilities to ensure operational success. Each feature is meticulously crafted to meet the diverse needs of personnel in the field, presenting a discreet and dependable solution for carrying various mission essential items.

ARK-K Individual Capabilities:

PDWs under 15”

Grenade Launchers


Signal Jammers

Electronic Warfare Systems

Communications Equipment



Counter Drone

Breaching Equipment

Urban Sustainment Kit

Signals Intelligence Collection

In essence, the ARK-K transcends the realm of a mere backpack; it emerges as a versatile and indispensable companion for military and civilians alike. By seamlessly blending covert design with a comprehensive array of capabilities, the ARK-K represents a strategic leap forward in modern carry equipment. In the face of dynamic and unpredictable challenges, the ARK-K stands as a symbol of adaptability, innovation, and unwavering reliability.


Made in the USA

100% Berry Compliant


Internal Dimensions: 15" in length, 8.5" in width

External Dimensions: 17.1" in length, 8.5" in width

Pocket Veils Weapons Veils and Elastic Retention Devices are all SOLD SEPERATELY